Thursday, December 16, 2010

As of Late

Hi kids.

As has been the trend lately I haven't spent much time updating my blog.  I can't even claim to have any new pictures to put up.  I've been nursing my brain back to health after all my ginormous papers and projects, so I'm just going to make a list of things that have happened as of late.

  1. I did a translation project for Bonnie's Contemporary American Poetry class.  I chose to translate seven of Alberto de Lacerda's poems from Portuguese into English and two Frank O'Hara poems from English into Portuguese.  I also wrote an essay on what I learned while translating and a paper on the influence of foreign language on the work of both poets.  Bonnie's class was great, and she liked our group so she had us all go to her office so she could give us books.  She gave me a translated Brazilian poetry book that looks pretty sweet.  Great lady.
  2. I wrote a 24-page paper on Peter Brook's film version of King Lear for my Shakespearean Tragedy in Film class.  It was far and away the longest paper I have ever written, and I even shortened what I was going to say.  Not to mention I have a full page of bullet points with ideas that I could use to expand the paper.  It was an intense project to say the least, but I'm pretty proud of it.
  3. For the last day of Shakespeare in Film we got out of class early and headed to Coolidge Corner where Hamlet was broadcast from England.  The play had been performed at the Globe a few hours before, and Rory Kinnear was brilliant as Hamlet.  The first half of the play was much better than the second half, but he was fantastic throughout.  Before the showing Julie and I went to the Paris Creperie, which is just down the street from the theater.  I got a chicken caesar crepe and we talked books.  She shares my opinion that Mr. Darcy is overrated, so we're really good friends now.
  4. I told Professor Carroll that I wanted to audit his graduate seminar on Shakespeare next semester but that I couldn't because I was told that I'd have to pay to audit.  He told me that he wouldn't say anything if I don't, so that saves me $4,500.  He's pretty rad, and will be a sweet letter of recommendation if I decide to pursue Shakespeare studies.  Also, BU fixed their records of how much the program is paying, so I got to cancel my newest loan application for $5,000.  That's nice.  Now if I can just get out of my housing contract in May I will be a very, very happy camper.
  5. This past Monday I was in charge of ward FHE.  I hadn't gone yet, so it was about time.  We took the money that we earned at the Thanksgiving charity auction and bought Christmas for three families.  There were seven of us there and we just bought everything at Target.  I shopped for two sisters and their kids with Carly, who is pretty cool.  We had a good time fighting over baby clothes and for the six year old girl I found a huge box with dolls with every Disney princess in it.  Too bad I won't be there to see her face when she opens it.  We'll wrap and deliver this coming Monday.  Good times.
  6. Since school got out I've spent just as much time in the library.  I've been working on the syllabus for the class I'm teaching next semester (I've made attendance mandatory and have at least one field trip already planned).  I've also been applying for jobs and fellowships and contests and you name it.  I gotta open some doors and see which ones open.  My guess is that none of them will and I'll be chillin' and taking exams for a year, but you never know.
  7. Caroline gave me a Christmas card and an iTunes gift card as a thank you for helping her in the office.  The opportunity to help the attractive woman in charge of my scholarships has paid off $15-fold.
  8. Tonight I fed the missionaries.  Elder Sorel got transferred, but Elder Hunter told me he wanted to go back to Mr. Bartley's burgers (good man).  When I got there it turned out to be three elders (Elders Black and Yim), but lucky for me I pulled out enough cash to cover all of us and a tip.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't have the $10 I needed to get into Langston's comedy show, but I did.  Then when I got to Nick's Comedy Stop downtown the guy at the door didn't ask me for the $10, so I got to keep it and buy milk so I can eat cereal tomorrow.  Score one for feeding the kids that try to do what is right.  Langston did a great job and he's a pretty sweet comic.  My other favorite was the guy that looks homeless but isn't and his jokes about people thinking he's homeless.  The girl comics sucked.  Just sayin'.
So, yeah.  That's what's been going down.  Now I've got time to sleep in, watch Netflix, read, and just relax my brain a little bit.  Headed into AGNI tomorrow to help Bill for a few hours and then I'll probably hang out with Sophie, Lisa, and anybody else who's still around.  Pretty soon I'll be hanging out with my brothers and playing basketball every day.  Boo freaking ya.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Doing My Part

So, I like to make fun of Facebook fads.  The most recent example is the fight-against-child-abuse-by-changing-your-profile-pic-to-a-cartoon craze.  First of all, isn't "fighting" child abuse somewhat ironic?  Second of all, here's a list of ways I attempt to control child abuse:

  1. To this point in my life, I have chosen to refrain from having children.
  2. I do not punch other people's children.
Please join me in my passive efforts.