Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holy Busyness, Batman

Hello world. To make up for a month of silence I have included multiple (pushing too many) pictures for this Calvin-VS-World update. Let's start with some classmates.

Langston and Sophie looking at Leonardo Drew's "Number 122" - Harvard Art Museum

Tons has happened. Bullet time:
  • Had Superbowl dinner with my poetry mates. Packers won. Aaron Rodgers is the man.
  • I cut my hair off. Originally I did it all at 1/2 inch, but that wasn't fun enough. So I went with 1/8.
  • I started a dream diary. Supposedly if you write down your dreams you'll remember them more easily and/or dream more often. I decided to do it because I had dreams two nights in a row (never happens). I've only had one dream since I started writing them down (two weeks ago). Let this be a lesson to you: never try.
  • I ate an African lamb sausage crepe at Mr. Crepe's in Davis Square. Best non-dessert crepe I've ever had. The best dessert crepe I ever had was at the Eiffel Tower.
  • I finally went to the Boston Museum of Fine Art (MFA). We get in free with our BU student card (a $20 value) I went with Sophie a few weeks ago and again with TJ today. Sophie and I went to the "Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition" exhibit. The MFA let ten living Chinese ink artists interpret classical Chinese pieces. One or two of them were exceptionally good, one or two of them sucked. The rest were just ok.
  • I went to the Coolidge Corner theater to see a broadcast of King Lear. Derek Jacobi played Lear (in case you didn't know, he's an extremely big deal: the hand-picked prodigy/student of Lawrence Olivier, who, if you didn't know, was an extremely big deal). Professor Carroll got us $20 tickets for $5. I'm auditing his 'Shakespeare, Tragedy, Succession' class, because I love Shakespeare and $5 tickets. Jacobi was incredible and Cordelia sucked. Good show.
  • We poets all got paired with visual artist MFA students (also known as painters) to work on collaborative book projects. My painter's name is Kyle Anger. Tell me that isn't the coolest name ever. He is tall and skinny and has a pony tail and makes the kind of art that I don't get but he is in a black and white phase, which I'm all about. If the Mugar (BU library) likes our stuff, they'll buy it and put it in their permanent collection. I've decided we'll win.
  • For Valentine's Day I went to Robert's class, went to my translation class, sent some emails, taught a lesson at FHE, decorated cookies, and listened to Dwight Yoakum songs. Same crap, different year.
  • I got shot down for lots of jobs. I hope to get shot down for more.
  • I made a goal to write one new poem a day for all of February. I ran out of ideas on the 4th. But I have pushed through and gotten a few new things. In case you don't know, writing one new poem a day is insane. I wrote less than 35 poems all of last semester.
  • I will know about study abroad (please oh please oh please) by the end of next week. The suspense is not killing me, but I'd like to know. It's basically a gamble, so if I don't get to go I'll be fine. If Lisa and I both get in we're gonna meet in Barcelona and run away to Rome together.
  • Tonight, after TJ and I went to the MFA, we met Melanie, Allison, Pam, Allison 2, Ty, and Dan in the North End for dinner at Panza (Italian). I got the beef and veal tortellini (I recommend it) and we got some calamari. I got a whole baby squid. I kinda like don't-think-about-it-just-shove-it-in-your-face experiences.
  • I saved the best for last. The one and only Jared Purvis flew in February 10th. Here is an illustrated edition of what could very well go down through history as the greatest Boston weekend of all time:

This is where we went Thursday night. Please note the Los Angeles Lakers on your left.

This is how we felt about it

The man on the left broke the all-time NBA 3-point shot record in the first quarter and we went hoarse from screaming. The man on the right, who is even more incredible in person, owned the fourth quarter and took the W back to L.A. with him (boo ya).

This is proof I was there, I was rooting for Ray Allen, and it was cold.

Without sports, this wouldn't be disgusting (Thank you, ESPN commercials)

This is the place we toured Friday morning. Sweet place.

Memorial Hall was actually open (Allison is good luck)

This pretty much sums up winter in Boston.

This is my city.

They repainted my favorite sign in the world. This pleases me.

This is me.

This is J-red P

Jared and I ate at three burger places in three nights (Burger King on the way to the game, Mr. Bartley's with Allison before going to Kelly/Katie's birthday party, and Eagle's Deli [I ate the Godzilla, he had the King Kong]with Kelly and Katie [They had weak-sauce girl burgers] on Saturday night). We partied hard and I want him to come back.

School/teaching is fun, Boston is cold, and life is good.