Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breaking the Beard (Warning: Awesome photos)

I dedicate this post to Mary Carlisle, who never discouraged my mustache-growing capabilities.

I can't believe it's October.
It's been a quiet week.  Nothing of note since Brad peaced out.
Conference was phenomenal.  Been a while since I got so much out of it.
I made and surpassed my goal of growing out a beard for a month.
I gotta say, I'm impressed; and I'm hard to impress.  (Hey look!  A blue car!)
It's been a lot of fun, but I'm kinda over it.
So here's pictures of me slowly (but surely) getting rid of the beard:

"The Convict"

"The Lion Tamer"

"The Colonel" (aka "The Wrangler," when wearing brown)

"El Desperado"

Personally, I love "El Desperado".  It's still on my face, because (1) it is hilarious, (2) it drives the ladies crazy, (3) why would you not want something on your face called "El Desperado"?

I have plans for future versions.  One I wanna call one "L'artiste" and I'm lookin at possibilities like "The Good Old Boy" or maybe even a Fu Manchu.  The possibilites are endless. Kinda.


erin d. said...

This is goodness in it's greatest and most elated(est) state. Well done my friend.

Camille said...

I love El Desperado!! That is so sweet. Look'n good calvin :)

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