Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Master Calvin

So, I graduated on Sunday. It was pretty awesome. I didn't feel like going to Commencement, but I did go to the English department Convocation. Pretty straight forward. Walked in, sat down, listened, crossed a stage, shook a hand, sat down, listened, ate, and left.

Only six of the Master's degree candidates walked: three of us poets (Ashley, Lisa, and Yours Truly) and three of the MA students. We got first-row seating and when we originally came into the Metcalf Auditorium Ashley (who was leading everyone) took a wrong turn for a second. It was hilarious.

So, yeah, I have a master's degree. Pretty crazy. Pics:

We did a lot of clapping.

As Lisa put it, "Mormon boy meets Jewish girl.The rest is history."

Couldn't resist.

The random man we asked to take our picture has a hard time with point-and-shoot cameras from Walmart.

An amazing, terrible, and amazingly terrible picture of me and Ross. We have hat hair. Master's hat hair.

The traditional Olsen heel-click pic. I love me some 236 Bay State Road.

Trying to figure out how to wear one's master's hood. And still don't get the danglies on the arms.

I figured it out. They don't call me Master Calvin for nothing. Harry Potter, anyone?


Linze Kate said...

Congrats!!! Now, you can go and conquer the world, Master Calvin!
Sidenote: I'm kinda in love with the last three photos on here... Okay - a LOT in love.

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