Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Video

Today I took a day off of translating. My brain was happy for the chance to rest. I was going to go to the Cristo Rei statue across the Tagus, but I changed directions when I saw it was cloudy (I want to be able to see the April 25th bridge [the Golden Gate's twin] and Lisbon when I go).

All in all, my day included
  • 6 hours of walking
  • Two rain storms (with no jacket)
  • 98 pictures
  • 1 leak taken in public
  • 2 offers of hard drugs on the street
  • 16 oreo cookies
  • This video of a lookout I stubled upon. Say "Olá" to Lisboa:

Sorry my $60 camera sucks, but a Canon Rebel T3i just isn't a good idea when you live out of a backpack. Although I didn't know I get sound...


Suley said...

Lisbon looks VERY crowded! Are you carrying a map to get around?
on a side note: say no to drugs! ;)

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