Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I love Venice. The end.

Ok, not the end. A few (44) pictures first.

The streets are made of water. In case you didn't know.
That boat is actually a bus.

The aptly-named Three Arch Bridge near where I stayed.

The view from my room.
How about that for a place from which to watch the world and write?

Kinda foreboding, isn't it?

Gondola. A bit too expensive for a travelling scholar.

Pink church.
Santa Maria of something.
I do remember it was built in thanks for one of the plagues getting over.

Basilica di San Marcos.
This whole square made me want to watch The Italian Job.

Wannabe Big Ben. But not bad.

Part of the palace.

I waited like half an hour but the lion just wouldn't eat him.

Winged lion is Venice's mascot. Pretty sweet.

This pic would be so good if it was sunny.

Inside the San Marcos Basilica.

Wrote me a poem in a little chapel.

Gold, lots of gold, lots of gold, lots of gold.

On top of this clock tower there is a giant bell.
On both sides of that bell are life-sized metal statues holding hammers.
When the hour hits, said statues move and hit the bell with said hammers.


Calvin at San Marcos Square on a cloudy day.

"Are you crazy, don't go between them!"
"Go between them, are you crazy?!"


Santa Lucia church.

Don't know why I'm so fascinated by floors.


Coolest lamp ever.

Ate pizza, watched the sun go down and wrote some poems at the end of the island.
It was a happy evening.

My roommates: Emily (foreground), Louise (dress), Steve (not dress).


SWEET Medusa mask.

I call this one "Mandusa."

Found a wood bridge or two. This one's the biggest.

Needed another day to get to that side of the river. Blast.

View from a fancy restaurant we didn't have enough money to eat at.

Naked boy with frog statue at the house that supposedly looks like a boat but really doesn't.

Who loves Venice? This guy.

Random window art I saw. It's all made of numbers.

I don't think I could even stand inside of this house.

Really tall church with a cover charge. Let's enjoy the outside.

Tintoretto's "Caino e Abele" was the most powerful painting in the Accademia.

I also enjoyed "Burrasca di Mare" by Jacopo Palma and Paris Bordon.

My favorite: the dude in the bottom corner beating the crap out of a sea monster.

I also saw Carpaccio's nine piece cycle of St. Ursula. They killed the Pope! Who does that?

"Summon your eagle powers."
"What do you think I am doing?"

This is a what the ceiling in a "No Photos" church looks like.

One last pic of Venice on my way to the train station.
I love Venice.



Camille said...

Looks like you having good times in Italy. Hope your having a great time and doing lots of writing. have fun!

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