Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Alive

Goodness, I haven't updated my blog for ages.

I'm a little busy.

  • I work M, W, F, Sat waiting tables at Bartley's Burger Cottage (best burger in Boston).
  • I work T, Th, F, Sat as a "guide" at Eastern Mountain Sports.
  • I'm studying to take the GRE Subject in English Literature test November 12th.
  • I can't wait to add "PhD applications" to my to-do and expenses lists.
  • I was working a third job as a corporate drone at a place called Brightcove, which I quit in the middle of my time there because I was so bloody bored I could have died.
  • I'm interviewing for a different third job (translating medical websites into Portuguese).
  • I'm trying to find time to write and revise poetry, and I have yet to find time to submit like I should be.
  • I am living out of my backpack in a hallway in Allston, MA, and at least once a week I'm sleeping somewhere else.
  • I have amazing friends (I stay with some, I do laundry at others' places, I hang out with lots of them, I wouldn't mind dating one of them but that's another story for another day...maybe).
  • I constantly debate whether or not I'm supposed to be here (or anywhere, for that matter).
  • BSU Football and team sports (M, Th, generally) keep me sane.
  • I'm getting sick, but that's easy enough to ignore.
  • I'm tired.
Good night, world. Updates later.


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