Thursday, January 14, 2010

A couple pics and some goings on.

St. Paul's Cathedral (From Mary Poppins!)
The company car (still working on stealing the keys)

Our place. Guys room is way up there.

Welp, I have now officially ridden the double-decker bus. They're pretty much awesome, and it's nice to be able to actually see where we're going. Not as quick as the underground, but worth the extra time. Last night Cam, Laura, Mary, and I decided to just get on a bus and see where we went. Turns out the one we got on was headed for King's Cross station. The station is beautiful (and huge), but is best known for Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter (yes, I took a few pics, no they're not up yet). But I did find it and there is definitely a shopping cart halfway through the brick wall. It was pretty cool, but it was freezing and the place was pretty much deserted so we headed off to meander. We meandered into an old Greek church, but the lights went out when we got there (I think they knew I was Mormon). So we checked out a few more things and got back on the bus.

This afternoon in British Literature class I gave a ten-point T/F quiz to the class on the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales. I could have sworn that it was insanely easy (Cam got an 80% without even reading or being in the class) but a good chunk of people bombed it. One of the girls later sat down and said, "Hey Calvin, thanks for that quiz today." I wanted to tell her to shove it but she's blonde, so I decided to just let her be an idiot. I'ma be such a good teacher. Tonight a bunch of us wanted to go on a Jack the Ripper tour of the city, but the Circle Line on the underground is a pile and went too slow. So we decided to take pictures of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge (the one from the Sherlock Holmes movie. Speaking of which, I found Baker Street but didn't have time to go see. Later) which were both lit up and pretty cool. Since we're headed there as a group tomorrow we didn't stay long, and the concert that we went to find turned out to be bad advertising, so we hit up the waffle place (white chocolate waffles, SO good) and headed home.
So...I haven't done nearly enough homework so I'm off to the races. More pics soon!


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