Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yes, the play. Last night I went to see Wicked in London. There were about twenty of us, including the other three guys. I actually had to talk Cameron into coming. He wasn't sure whether it would be good but I told him that Dad liked it in Denver and that if Dad thought a play was worth seeing that it had to be special. I was actually blown away. The girl that played Alpheba (spelling?) here in London is black and she's got some pipes. Glinda was absolutely hilarious as well, so between the two of them it was quite the show. At intermission Anna told Cam and I, "I cried the whole time." We're trying to figure out why. I mean, the 'I'm not that girl' song wasn't THAT heart breaking. Anyways, the play was very good and the music was exceptionally well done (much better than the original Broadway CD people have been playing) so it was worth the 25 pounds we dropped on it. Next two on the list are Les Mis and Phantom, but all in good time. Sat through my first class as a TA yesterday and have a list of things to do. Getting paid $11.50/hr to sit through class makes it much more satisfying. Anyhew, off to do homework.


Lisa said...

awesome calvin! you're livin' the dream. :)

Anonymous said...

I also saw Wicked in London...and their cast definitely have better voices. And I've decided its requisite that all munchkins have Scottish accents.

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