Saturday, April 10, 2010

Being Me: A Tribute to Myself

My name is Calvin Olsen, and I approved this message.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was the best birthday I've had in a long time. First we went on a cruise of the Thames as a program to Greenwich, where I stood on the Prime Meridian. Then I ate a kangaroo burger at Borough Market. Then I watched Hot Rod, my favorite movie. After that I ate dinner at the center and then went to see Clash of the Titans with Sarah Shepherd (shoutout to Ed Shepherd, you know who you are), Kalyn, Margaret, Caitlin, and Katie Bruce. Clash of the Titans was pretty much awesome. I needed the testosterone boost in order to finish this last week of London strong. Then I called my mommy (first time while here) and went to sleep.

Enough of the kiddie stuff, let's talk about me.

Me being awesome (and ingesting a marsupial) at Borough Market.

In case you don't know, I'm pretty awesome. But I spent some time yesterday thinking about how blessed I have been my whole life with awesomeness, and came to the realization that much of my awesomeness has come down to having amazing friends. I could honestly count everybody at the centre as one of my friends (in varying degrees, yes, but still friends), and the friends I've made over the years are phenomenal as well. Family goes without saying (I have the best immediate and extended family ever), but friends are essential to me and probably always will be.

Me being awesome inside the Eiffel Tower, pointing to a place of my international awesomeness.

Everybody here made sure to make my birthday fantastic. I even got a few presents when I specifically asked for no presents. Each one was very thoughtful and fit to my personality. And to top it all off, two of my very talented friends sent me messages commemorating my awesomeness through their wonderful gifts. Here they are:

Elizabeth Jenkins (the woman you all can thank for setting up this blog and informing me that I have to use it) wrote me "a list of 25 (actually 26) reasons why I am the best. My occasional comments on her list are inside the brackets []. She says:

1. You don't discriminate against me for not liking Diego's [my favorite restaurant]
2. Your mom is smoking hot [yes she is]
3. You are from Idaho and aren't a hick
4. You are ridiculously smart and use your whit like a super power [true]
5. You aren't afraid to like Shakespeare [correction: love him]
6. You play the guitar, and even make up your own words to songs.
7. You drive a corolla with pride, while some may say it is a "chick's car" [it's my baby and her name is Vanessa]
8. You know where all the cheapest places to eat are in provo
9. You are always down for a fast food run, even if it is midnight
10. You like Miley Cyrus. (Don't deny it.) [I deny it]
11. You are going to grad school in Boston and you are going to freaking LOVE it...and I will come visit.
12. You can do trampoline tricks [I can?]
13. You believed me when I said I had a motorcycle. (when really it was a scooter) [that she won't let me drive]
14. You play basketball no matter what, even if your feet are totally messed up from burning them [also played with a broken my walking cast]
15. You like black high heeled shoes [so hot]
16. You are a BSU fan [isn't everybody?]
17. You like to make fun of Asians [like it's hard...]
18. You agree with me that "writing a letter" is the best way to handle bad customer service, lighting malfunctions, and other annoying things
19. You love Ben's cookies and are going to open one in the USA when you get back
20. You are really good at getting people to do whatever you want them to do...without getting fired in the process [anyone at the Marriott Center can attest to that, I own that place]
21. You let me give you a ride to school on my scooter [walking sucks]
22. You know how to live rent free for an entir e summer [illegal, yes. awesome, also yes]
23. You have strong convictions and perfect diction
24. You have funny relatives [looks aren't everything]
25. You can fight with your brothers RIGHT in front of your mom but because of the tone you use, she thinks y'all are playing nice.
26. You are a really good friend to many people and make people smile wherever you are. I'm lucky to know you! [only true on some occasions, but a mutual feeling]

That's a freaking sweet list, and it made my day. I'm not much of a person to take compliments (I doubt my awesomeness often), but it made my day.

Me being awesome at the Globe with John Cleese, who is also (nearly) as awesome.

Hayley Jackson, the twin sister I never had (although if we had been twins I hope we look like her), wrote me a poem. I'll let her introduce it herself:

A Ballad about Cal (or a Callad if you will... :))

Dear Calvin was a brave young chap
Ambitious and clever was he
He conquered the courts of basquetteballe
A good laugh he could guarantee

He tempered young monsters of efy fame
Brought order to events far and wide
He loved music and movies and Jacques in the Boxe
On beaches he danced in the tide

He scoured his land for a fair young maid
But alas there was none to be found
So he fled far away where the sun rarely shines
And laid waste to an old English towne

But he's soon to come back to make Beantowne his home
To write verse and break hearts every day
He'll cure all the world of its idiocy
And eat nachos til he passes away

Hayley knows me too well. So anyways, although I'm far from perfect and I'm always working on something to make myself a decent person, I do have a few positive character traits. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic birthday.

Me being awesome on the sun deck of a ship carrying my awesomeness to the Greek Isles.



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