Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kickin' It In London...Still



So...I'm still in London. There's this volcano called Mount Eyjafjallajökull that's going off in Iceland. Doesn't mean much to you in the States, but to us it means there's a cloud of volcanic ash shutting down UK airspace. Kind of awesome.

Other than the incessant whining of a handful of people, it's been pretty chill here at the BYU London Centre. We just spend our days being tourists. Yesterday I spent the day getting sunburned at Regent's Park with Alyssa, Cam, Laura, and Mary. We also went to Camden Market. Cam and I went straight to our favorite Chinese food stand where the dude with the scratchy voice gave us large amounts of Salt and Pepper Chicken (I'm so hungry now). The day before that Alyssa and I tried to go see We Will Rock You (a musical written by sweet is that?), but it was full, so we went to try and see Jerusalem, but it was full, so we went to China Town and ate at (no, not the Crispy Duck) New Aroma. Wicked good noodles and some of the best lemon sauce I've tasted.

Other than that I'm just kinda chillin'. Today was church, tomorrow is...I dunno. Something awesome. I realize that a few people are in a rush, and my heart goes out to anybody and everybody that has legitimate reasons to be places and can't get there; but as for me, well, the longer this thing lasts the more time I get to spend in London. I had to cancel all my plans for Rome, but I have my kangaroo burgers and my Italian women to keep me company.

Maybe I'll go hike Mount Eyjafjallajökull.


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