Friday, September 10, 2010

Untitled. (Well, technically, I named it 'untitled' so it's titled 'untitled' and therefore not really untitled. Just read.)

Hi kids.

In news this week, my hero Ron Artest got pulled over driving his friend's racecar through the streets of Los Angeles.  (Picture from TMZ, whatever that is.)  I freaking love that man.

Been a good couple of days.  Wednesday (yesterday?) we had our first workshop with David Ferry.  The man is great and very old (over 85 if I'm not mistaken).  But he loves poetry.  Our first workshop he read "The House That Jack Built..." to us and then we shredded it to pieces.  It was so much fun and I was actually surprised that we came up with so much.  Yep, I'm in the land of poetry dorks.  And I love it.  After that he had a packet with excerpts from all of our application portfolios.  So we got a taste of each other's poetry for the first time.  It's funny how you can kind of see how someone writes based on their personality.  I wasn't too surprised by anybody.  Langston's poetry was a bit more calm than I thought it would be, and Dan's stuff was pretty heavy, but other than that it was pretty obvious how everybody would write.  I think Sophie writes the most like me.  I think this because one of her poems she shared in Pinsky's class was about an alien attaching itself to your face.  And she's one of the few girls I've ever met who doesn't look disgusting with boy-short hair.  Good stuff.

Last night I decided I would bite the bullet and go to institute.  I didn't know anybody in the class I chose, but our teacher, Brother Austin, was pretty awesome.  I touched base with him afterwards and told him that I would miss some classes but promised to keep up on the reading.  When he emailed me today he told me that it was fun meeting me and that I'm one of the few people that made him laugh right from the get-go.  Glad I still got it.  It's at the chapel, which is crazy far away, every Wednesday and it'll be a good experience.  Afterwards there were burritos and a mingle.  I met a few people, talked with Casey (one of the BSU game guys), and then split.

Today I had class till 6.  Bonnie Costello's contemporary American poetry class is SO BORING!  The material is phenomenal and we all love it, but she just kinda sucks it dry.  I realize that it's a survey class and that there's no way to cover everything, but the woman just kind of rambles on about what the poem means and what's going on.  For those of us in the MFA program basically she's taking an hour and a half to describe what I get after the first reading of the poem.  But whatever; I get lots of writing done and (hopefully) she thinks I'm taking notes.  At 3:30 I headed to Shakespeare in Film.  It is the greatest class known to man.  Professor Carroll is awesome and we get through so much good stuff in the two and a half hours we're together.  Today we went through the Taymor version of Titus Andronicus (definitely not G-rated Shakespeare) and there was so much to talk and think about.  Everybody seems to know their stuff in the class and I just sit back and enjoy the conversation while I write down ideas for my term papers (and don't share them so I get non-shared insight in them, a practice I learned from my BYU schoolmate Amelia).  I just love it; end of story.

I got an email this morning that was sent on the Longfellow Park 1st (LP1) listserve.  It was an apartment of girls offering free cookies.  I couldn't not go, so I went.  Place was small and a bit packed, but I made a few new friends.  I met two girls named Angela.  One of them I recognized from church.  Turns out she's half Brazilian, studied in London this past summer, and goes to BU.  She also seems to know the whole world and was kinda in-your-face nice.  I also met two girls whose names I don't remember.  They're both undergrads at MIT.  One is majoring in physics and wants to do research, the other is doing computer science and wants to be the one majoring in physics when she grows up.  More power to them; not my scene.

I have a small appetite for meeting new people, so after a little bit I split.  Spent a few hours working on my anthology project for Pinsky's class.  Basically, we've been told to make a 35+ page collection of what we consider to be poetry.  It can include anything (I'll probably stick to poetry and lyrics) as long as we consider it to be poetry.  Robert doesn't really care how we do it, he just wants us in the material.  Man I love my homework.

Welp, that's the update.  Nothing planned for tomorrow so I'ma sleep in, wake up, sleep some more, do homework, take a nap, and go to bed early or something.  The world is my oyster.


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