Sunday, July 24, 2011


Got some good writing and some good sight-seeing done in two days in Milan.

We can do it in pictures. Ready, go.

This is the Milan Cathedral, or Duomo. I love the outside.

It's big.

I can't get enough of this thing.

There are people on each of the (many) spires.

Stained glass: to...



Floors were sweet.

I love candles.

Building next to the Duomo.

Place was huge. And awesome.


My favorite spot in Milan: The Leonardo da Vinci statue.

I kind of wanted to listen to rap music looking at this thing. Great pose.

I read about this Luini's place. So I tried it out.

Panzerotti are good. Both the spicy salami pizza-ish ones and the chocolate cake dessert ones.

Words cannot describe how much I enjoy this random wall decoration.

San Stefano Maggiore.
Foundation dates back to the fifth century.

I had the place literally all to myself for a bit.

San Babila

I love clock towers.

Random modern art piece among beautiful buildings. 

I want a house with statues like this on both sides of my door. 


I went back to the Leonardo statue. 

Voldemort's cousins. Love me some Voldey. 

I found a striped house. 


This church liked me. 

Notice the symbolic number of candles I captured. Total accident, actually. 

The paintings on the walls were intense. This was probably the most...interesting? 

Closing in on the castle. 

Awesome statue. 

Complete with fountain. 

Main gate. 

Right tower. 

Castle gardens.

At the end of the gardens there is an arch.
Not an arch of triumph, but an arch of peace.
But I still felt triumphant at it.

Symmetric, isn't it?

These two played gorgeous music.
Learning to play the violin is on my bucket list.
Not as exciting as El Encierro, but you can't win 'em all.

This is the Palace. Kinda uneventful.

I went back to the Duomo for some writing.


This is Central Station.

I made friends while waiting for my train.


I said goodbye to Andrea and his girlfriend (my landpeople) and headed to Venice.
Venice is my new favorite place to write poetry.
I think I'm in love.


Fabulus said...

Hi, Calvin! Nice to read your blog, which I was given by a dear friend. We both live in Milan - I've been here 5 months so far and we kinda wondering where did you find this beautiful stripped house?
Thank you very much for an enjoyable trip you took us on!

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