Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Global Fellowship Ends in Rome

Now that I've been back for a month, it's probably a good idea to put up my final post for the Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship.

Two nights before I left Rome for Boston, my friend Alyssa told me she was going to be in Rome with her family for a few days. It was perfect timing. Brenda's flight left Saturday morning, and the Wiests were going to be doing their touristy stuff on Saturday evening.

So I saw Brenda off, visited the two patriarchal basilicas I hadn't seen yet, wrote a couple of "last" poems, and then hung out with Alyssa and her family for my last night in Europe.

San Giovanni in Laterano

Obelisk outside SGiL




The main hall is lined with statues of the apostles.

St. Bartholomeu.

St. Phillip.

St. Peter.

The altar only the Pope is allowed to use for mass.


San Paolo Fuori le Mura.

Clock tower.

Not-so-pretty side of SPFLM.

Love this pic.


Wall murals depicting scenes from St. Paul's life and ministry.



The burial place of St. Paul.


I want one of these in my house when I grow up.


For some reason I paid to go see the garden.

But the tiled pillars were sweet.

That's a lot of relics. Including a bone from Mary Magdalene's arm and a piece of Paul's staff.

Then I went outside.

And holy crap am I glad I did.

Oh, hey, St. Paul.

This might be my favorite church front ever.

Later I walked to the San Clemente church.
Under that 13th century church is a 6th century church.
They didn't know the 6th century church existed when they built the one that now stands.
Then the monks got bored and started digging.
They found a pagan temple under the 6th century church.
This pic (way up there now that I'm talking so much) is of a pagan altar.
Yay for not-allowed pictures.

Steph, Megan, Alyssa, Sierra, and Jeff at the Forum.

I couldn't find a pink purse that I liked.

Dana in one of my favorite Italy pictures.

We had dinner here.

I love Bernini's Four Rivers fountain.

The Pantheon.

Random man, Steph, Alyssa, Dana, Mark, Sierra, Jeff, and Megan.

I heard the Trevi is better at night.
I disagree.


To say that the Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship was the opportunity of a lifetime would be an understatement. My translation project was fantastic, the opportunity to travel and write was phenomenal, and the things I got to see and do were unbelieveable.

I guess suppose it is fitting to end the account of my fellowship with a poem I composed along the way. This one was very much influenced by the work of Alberto de Lacerda (for example, I used his title) and I think it is a good representation of the type of poem I worked toward while on this trip.

I Am Leaving

          --after Alberto de Lacerda

I am leaving
Don't tell anyone

How easy it is
To go quietly

Without saying goodbye
I am leaving

Don't tell anyone
How easy it is

To go quietly
Without saying goodbye


KirstieBirstie said...

I hope it's not awkward that I stalk your blog, but I really like your poem and am jealous of your adventures. I have fallen off the poetry boat, but I should probably climb back in.

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