Sunday, September 4, 2011


On Brenda's last full day in Rome, we decided to visit Pompei. We got up early and boarded a train to Naples, where we grabbed another train out to Pompei. It was different than I had imagined (larger and more intact), and I absolutely loved it.

Oh hey, Mount Vesuvius.

Temple with the volcano in the background.

Sun dial. Awesome.

The Courthouse.

A few mosaics are still around. (More to come.)

A street in Pompei.

Houses of the well-to-do were very colorful.



The few statues that survived are in a museum in Naples.
But the copies are pretty well done.

Altar depicting a bull sacrifice.
They were much more happily made than bear sacrifices.

Twelve pillars that held up some type of altar.
Interesting, isn't it?

Wall art.

Archaeologists discovered a few holes where people had been buried alive in ash.
The bodies had decomposed and were gone, but the imprints were still there.
The head archaeologist had workers pour plaster into the holes.
After drying, the plaster was pulled out of the ground.
You can even see the folds of the man's clothing.


This guy wasn't interested in being preserved in plaster form.

They've restored the Pompei Pizza on Main Street.

Community bath, anyone?

People looked at me weird when I got naked and tried getting in to the tub.
No one appreciates the way I appreciate history.
On a similar note, my first time in England I made use of the oldest preserved Roman latrine.

Dog mosaic.


Have (pronounced Ave, like Ave Marie) means welcome.

The little statue in the pool at the House of the Fawn.

Rich people had gardens.

This is what I thought all of Pompei would look like.

Depiction of a pagan god in the town brothel.


There are two stadiums. This is the larger of the two.

Statue at the smaller stadium.

This is a crosswalk. No, seriously.
Notice the grooves made by the wheels of carts.

Temple to the Egyptian goddess Isis.


And again.

Engraving on a bench near the front of the large stadium.


South gate.

Romans had their dead buried outside the city walls.

Family graves.

What do you want on your tombstone?

Crossing the bridge to the arena.

Inside the arena.

Long live Pompei. Or...well, you know.


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