Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catching Up With Boston - Yankees/Sox

Making time for a blog post.

After Europe I came back to Boston. A few days later Grandma Olsen passed away, so I went to Boise for a few days. Then I came back to Boston again, and I've been here since. I've done some pretty rad things in the last few weeks, so I'll try to get those up asap.

For today, here's a few pics from the day Reed and I went to see the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway (hooray for Reed not being able to find a girl to take).

Boo ya, Reed.

Boo ya, pizza.

Boo ya, seats behind home plate.

Boo ya, $14-worth of food.

Boo ya, Fenway.

Boo ya, first pitch.

Boo ya, umpire meeting.

Boo ya, Coca-Cola

Boo ya, Green Monster.

Boo ya, soon to be a national landmark.

Boo ya, Prudential Center.

Boo ya, Derek Jeter.

Boo ya, anger management.

Boo ya, nightfall.

Boo ya, Boston.

Who cares if we lost? It's baseball anyways.


James said...

I am officially jealous. I haven't been there since high school. I really need to get back to Boston more often!

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