Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oliver and Arrin

This is going to quick. Seriously this time. Here's my review of the play "Oliver!": it sucked. Firstly, it wasn't that good. Maybe it's 'cause I've seen Wicked and Les Miserables already, both of which kick the trash out of Oliver, and I'm freakin' stoked for Phantom. It didn't help that our seats were terrible: I dubbed this play the wide-screen version (it had been formatted to fit my tv) because we were on the floor but way in the back so the balcony cut off the upper half of the stage area. I enjoyed the Artful Dodger, Fagin, and the little tiny kid with no lines. Beyond that it was a bit painful. But hey, it was free of charge thanks to the program, and I was free to sleep. Through most of the second half. Chalk one up for the book being better.

On to the story I promised about my pipe. I have to tell you what I use it for. Here goes...so there’s this girl at the Center named Arrin Manning. Arrin has a small case of the OCDs, and made the huge mistake of telling me and the enormous error of informing me that it's worse on days that we don’t have class. So, my new game is to wait for her to sit in the parlor at night so I can bug her to death. First, I pull out my pipe, a pen, and some paper (alliteration. unintentional) and find a watch so I can keep time. Then, I stand up (making sure she sees me) and walk over to the wall where there are shelves with vases and sculptures. Following said location change, I proceed to move one of the vases over to the right about a foot, then sit down again. I start the timer, let her glare at me, and then count how many times she glances over at it before going over to fix it. Hahahaha, it’s SO fun! After she sits back down I pop back up and choose another item for my control group. I usually put one of the candles off balance or move a the random internet cord in the fireplace to stretch across the floor. It’s pretty much the most entertaining thing I’ve ever done. And my pipe makes me look scientific, so I have an excuse when she gets perturbed. I'm pretty sure he hates me for real, but science must be...scienced.

The end.


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