Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shakespeare, Phantom, and off to Wales

Monday my life became complete. I got free (yes, free) tickets to go see Macbeth in the Globe Theatre on March 6th. A little after lunch time I went into the parlor looking for a book I had misplaced. I decided to sit down and thumb through Time Out magazine, which basically lists everything there is to do in London any given Wednesday-Wednesday week. I've never used the thing, but I'm sure glad I did. On the third or fourth page there was a little ad talking about the Globe, which isn't supposed to be open until April 23rd (the day I'll be flying out of Rome). Turns out they're running two days of Macbeth and there are a 'number of free adult tickets' if desired, and you could call in starting that morning. Laura was close, and she just got a cell phone that works here, so I asked her if I could use it. She asked why and needed no coaxing once I told her. All I got were busy signals, but she got through a minute later. We got four tickets and they offered to just mail them to us (we got them Tuesday). Needless to say I was pretty freaking stoked (understatement). Macbeth is far and away my favorite Shakespeare play and I get to see it as a groundling (standing room right at the foot of the stage) in the Globe. I knew that the tickets were probably going to be gone, and obviously I couldn't invite everybody, so I just invited the next two people I saw: Mary and Alyssa. So March 6th can't come soon enough.

Last night (Tuesday) I went to see Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty's Theatre with (let me go down the row mentally) Rachel, Alyssa, Katie, Brit, Mary, and Reesa. It was phenomenal. Les Miserables was life-changing, but Phantom was phenomenal in its own right. Basically I mouthed the words during every song, grinned like an idiot most of the time, and am in love with the woman that played Christine. And, as usual, I rooted for the phantom, but he lost. Again. Obviously, the singing was out of this world. The set was way cool as well. The chandellier falling was impressive, and there was this part where the Phantom was hidden on a sculpture that descends from above the stage. We were up pretty high in the theatre, but right on the front row, so all in all it was more than worth the money and a great experience. I've always enjoyed the play, but this version rocked. Live orchestras will do that.

Tonight we went as a group to Twelfth Night. It's one of the more entertaining Shakespeare plays, and I saw it at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival (my yearly tradition) last summer (this summer they're playing Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, and even The Woman in Black). Anyways, it was at the Duke of York Theatre and very well done. There was hardly any leg room, and I was stuck next to Dr. Cooper (who is larger than I am), but it's all good. I was at least fortunate enough to be on the front row of the balcony so I could lean over and see the full stage when needed. The fool and Sirs Toby and Andrew were my favorite. They all sang a song called "Hold thy peace, Lady" and marched around banging on the set like drums. Sir Toby picked up a huge platter and smashed it like a gong with a wine bottle. For some reason it just hit me so funny and I laughed my butt off for like five full minutes. The set was pretty basic, but there is a scene where Toby, Andrew, and some other dude are in a tree spying on Malvolio. They actually climbed into the tree that came from the ceiling (it wobbled a lot) and the scene was hilarious. Nothing like a good Shakespeare production. Between tonight, going to see Lear next Wednesday, and then Macbeth the 6th, I'll have three Shaky plays in about ten days. I live a good life.

Leaving in...4 hours for a two-day trip to Wales. Should be good.


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